So what’s Thunderbird all about?

Thunderbird is a locally owned café in Austin, Tx. We have two locations in great neighborhoods, Cherrywood (East Austin) and Brentwood/Crestview (North Central). We specialize in high-quality direct-trade coffee and fine craft beers. We also have a great selection of snacks and light fare.

Why coffee and beer?

They’re our two favorite beverages! So many places sell coffee or beer—or sell both, but one of them almost as an afterthought. We wanted a place where you can get both great coffee and great beer and meet people who feel the same way. Check out our menu here!

Is your coffee “fair trade”?

Thunderbird goes much farther than fair trade. We focus on roasters who use a more transparent “direct trade” model, which cuts out the middle man, and leaves no questions about how much the farmers and pickers are getting paid for their work. This is an important question, and crucial to Thunderbird’s values. More information on this question can be found here, here, and here.

Who roasts your coffee?

Our two roasters are Wild Gift Coffee from Round Rock, TX and Counter Culture Coffee out of North Carolina.

I don’t know anything about coffee. Where do people go to learn?

There are so many places online that it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some of our favorite sites to geek out on coffee: CoffeeGeek, Jim Seven, Brew Methods, Coffee Review. Feel free to let us know about your favorite coffee site!

Who designed your site?

Lydia Reynolds designed our site (and an awesome to-go cup and tote bag!). Alison Narro is our photographer. They’re both amazing at what they do, and we highly recommend their work.

Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.?

Yep. Twitter, Facebook for Koenig, Facebook for Manor, Tumblr. Sign up for our e-mail list here!

I have other questions/comments/marriage proposals/suggestions.

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